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“As in lockdowns theatres are closed, Corona restrictions affect me VERY much.

Most shows are cancelled, some take place as livestreams.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.



Aerial hoop performer and singing mix with comedy/clown

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“I can not work anymore …”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


Mad Kate

Performance artist, sound designer, musician

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“I have had all but one live gig cancelled this year and normally I’m performing almost every weekend and touring a lot. I am focusing more on film, sound design and some livestream.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.





“Corona has forced me to think long term and hold onto the goals I have in music when the short term gratification of live performance is unavailable. It has challenged my motivation in a way I have never felt before and encouraged me to focus only on that which I am most passionate about.”


Biliana Voutchkova

artist, musician, composer-performer


“The cancelation of many live performances is demanding new ways of working. This shift will have lasting impact and I am taking the circumstances as a creative impulse”

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Uwe Czebulla

Tänzer, Maler

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“Alle Vorstellungen fallen aus oder sind bis sonst wann verlegt? “

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.



Musician, film maker and performance artist

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“No performances nor music shows have taken place anymore and much less freelance work in general was available. Still films and cinema work is thankfully in part ongoing.

Jürgen Kirner

Stage and costume designer

“Cancelled shows – stop of preparation for future work – important social meetings for future work aren’t possible…”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


Buba Sababa

Performer, drag king, costume designer

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“I make my living from a full-time job in queer art. I perform and design costumes for drag artists.

A year and a half ago I started my collective venus boys – a drag king/trans and nonbinary revolution.

I am here on a freelancer visa which means I can only work in my job.

The new corona limitations affect the way I work.

I try find new ways to work like mask design, online shows, workshops, etc. mostly to not stop the revolution we just started and to be able to stay here with my visa and pay my rent.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


Mute Swimmer

Interdisciplinary artist / musician

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“I’ve worked in a lot of different media over the years but my principal source of income and area of interest over recent years has been through touring venues and theatres throughout Europe with my song writing/sound/performance project, Mute Swimmer. Of course, like many artists, the impact of COVID is not only financial. Our ability to connect with audiences is crucial on numerous levels. Furthermore, in my case, many of the songs written under the Mute Swimmer moniker are constructed for and addressed to an audience directly. 

In other words they are designed to exist in the real time of performance – through improvisation (with the audience and spaces), ‘confession’, confrontation etc.(With some reservation I have answered that the German Government is not doing enough to support artists. Whilst this is generally true, I do also feel blessed to be in this country currently. I have been very (very) basically covered by the government and I’m aware of how much worse it could be.)”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.

Till Kuhnert

 Bühnen- und Kostümbildner

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“Da die Theater trotz funktionierender Hygienekonzepte wieder geschlossen wurden, werden die Produktionen, die nicht ab zu sagen waren bis zur Generalprobe geprobt, um sie dann, wenn es wieder weiter geht anstelle neuer Produktionen zu zeigen. Jetzt kommt bei mir gerade die zweite Welle der Absagen für besprochene neue Produktionen in der nächste Spielzeit. 3 von 5 Projekten sind mir letzte Woche abgesagt worden.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


State Space


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“There are no gigs anymore..”

Corona restrictions are threatening my existence.



 Street artist, illustrator, painter

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“No mural painting work, the lack of tourists has meant the street art workshops I was giving have stopped and also means sales in the little gallery/print shop I run have dropped massively.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


Bhuvan Singh


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“(Almost) no shows in 2020.”




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 “Ich bin kostümbildnerin für Theater, sehr spartenübergreifend von Schauspiel über Oper und Musical …in letzter Zeit habe ich auch angefangen mehr zu drehen…hab immer intensiv und sehr viel gearbeitet… hab ich für mindestens 4 Mmonate erstmal nichts…frei! Ein sehr unbekanntes Gefühl für mich und ich bin gespannt wie ich damit umgehen werde”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


Crayon Jones


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“I have only been able to play one show since February 2020 and not being able to connect directly with an audience leaves a void. 

I also formed a new band, ‘LOBSTERBOMB’ with some friends and we have no idea when we can play our first show. It isn’t possible to plan ahead.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.



Hair & makeup artist, performer



“Corona restrictions affect my work in many ways, especially with the work limitations that Germany puts on people without EU passports. I got a freelance visa but there are no photoshoots or gigs, at least not enough to generate my main income from it. When I first moved here I had a Steuernummer to do cleaning but I’m not allowed to do that anymore since my working holiday visa ended and I am now on an artist visa. I don’t have the privilege to choose if I live just from the arts without working as a cleaner. So my troubles come from corona and passport restrictions.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


DJ Sakti


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“My DJ gigs are canceled under these city lockdowns.”

Corona restrictions are threatening my livelihood.


Daniel Stern

Stand up comedian, screenwriter and actor

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It’s been brutal. Can’t be on stage. A dream film project collapsed. Of course it’s not just financial. I miss the creative outlet and the pleasure of performing.