Q: What is it for?

A: Artists and performers have on occasion been overlooked during this pandemic. What we are trying to do here is create a platform and a voice for all these people to be seen and heard. This will be first on social media which can a promotional tool as well as links to the artists work can be published. In that process I can hopefully produce an exciting body of work that portraits the multitude of artists and performers that makes Berlin such an exciting city.

Q: Are there any costs involved?

A: Absolutely not. You show up, fill in the forms and contracts and have your picture taken at my studio. After a maximum of 21 days you will get a download link for two retouched images free to use for your self promotion.


Q: Can I choose my pictures?

A: The way it works: I pick some images I consider suitable for the project. The rest of the edit will be provided to you as an online gallery and here you can choose your two images.

Q: Can the images be used for advertising or similar?

A:¬†Rest assured: Advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for third parties are excluded from the usage rights of the photographer. This is an artistic portrait project that is meant to be published as such. This goes both ways – you can’t sell or pass them on to third parties without permission either.